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    Ultra high-pressure water jetting services Sydney, Australia 

    Our ultra high-pressure water jet system (UHP WJ) is the ideal solution for everything from the removal of light to heavy corrosion and old coatings to the cleaning and the demolition of concrete. It is even powerful enough to cut steel and concrete.

    Our UHP WJ units have pressure ratings to 37,500 PSI (2500 Bar) and are fully portable, small and compact, making them ideal for those hard to get to places and projects.

    UHP WJ has advantages over dry abrasive blasting that include no dust, less noise, less site waste, less clean-up, less encapsulation and in most cases, quicker and cheaper results too.

    Our UHP Water Jetting applications include:

    • Hydro-demolition
    • Surface preparation for coatings application
    • Corrosion and rust removal
    • Pipe cleaning and de-scaling
    • Floor, road and car park cleaning
    • Road texturing and line removal
    • Tank and vessel cleaning
    • Heat exchanger tube cleaning
    • Underwater cleaning and cutting

    All of our operators are fully certified and trained to the current standards and safety. Environmental compliance and quality are our ultimate goals in every application of our expert processes.

    For UHP Standards information, go to NACE WJ-1, WJ-2 WJ-3 and WJ-4.

    The four degrees of surface cleanliness achieved by water jet cleaning are addressed in separate standards as follows: Clean to Bare Substrate (NACE WJ-1/SSPC-SP WJ-1 [WJ-1]), Very Thorough Cleaning (NACE WJ-2/SSPC-SP WJ-2 [WJ-2]), Thorough Cleaning (NACE WJ-3/SSPC-SP WJ-3 [WJ-3]), and Light Cleaning (NACE WJ-4/SSPC-SP WJ-4 [WJ-4]).

    Don’t take chances with your substantial investments and important projects. Leave it to our expert team of water jetting specialists here at Cormac Contracting.

    Call us now on 02 4647 4001 and discover the difference that our expert services can make.

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