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    Metal spraying experts in NSW, Australia

    Our process has many names: thermal spray, metallising, hot zinc spray or arc metal spray. Whatever the name, the process signifies superior quality and performance of the objects and installations that are treated using this process.

    The basic concepts of our process are to arc two wires together and then push high volume air behind that arc to disperse the molten arc into fine molten partials. These particles are then propelled onto a pre-prepared substrate where the particles solidify.

    Our thermal metal spray system has come into a new era, with new technology, involving pre-alloyed wires for longer life, more resilient coatings and higher deposition application equipment for larger on site projects.

    Application of thermal metal spraying

    • Fully mobile and self-contained onsite abrasive blasting and thermal metal spraying services throughout Australia and internationally.
    • Thermal metal spray for corrosion control of all steel structures
    • Thermal metal spray in refineries and power stations for corrosion protection and linings to tanks, exchangers, columns, boilers and pipes with exotic metals, such as SS, Monel, 95MXC and Hastalloys

    The thermal metal spraying process includes:

    • Thermally sprayed anodes for the protection of steel reinforced concrete against concrete cancer
    • Reclamation and rebuilds of shafts and worn parts
    • Design of thermal metal spray coating systems
    • Abrasive blasting of all steel and concrete
    • Application of protective coatings

    Our thermal metal spraying services include:

    • Cathodic protection services using our in-house corrosion engineer and consultant
    • Thermal spray coating inspectors
    • Thermal metal spray operator training courses (TSO)
    • THERMION ‘quality thermal spray equipment’ distributors for Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines
    • Supplier of quality Zinc, Aluminium and 85/15 alloy thermal spray wire

    Thermal metal spray provides coatings far superior to conventional coatings and has a proven and documented extra long term protection and performance history. Zinc and aluminium and alloyed thermal spray coatings can be designed to provide any service life required, from short term 5 yrs to a staggering long term 200 years plus life span.

    The system can be applied in a wider and more diverse climate range and withstand conditions that conventional paints are ineffective against. The system can even be applied during the abrasive blasting process. The coating is instantaneously ready for service after application so you really won’t have to wait around anymore to watch the paint dry! Thermal metal spray can be used for a wide variety of applications from providing galvanic protection, corrosion protection, wear resistance, non-skid, base metal thickening and structural reclamation.      

    Call the thermal metal spray experts today on 02 4647 4001.

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