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    Expert abrasive blasting services
    Sydney, Australia 

    Our many astute clients in the major industries around the globe are in no doubt that our expert abrasive blasting and metal coating services are saving them some considerable amounts of money. Our thorough and efficient abrasive blasting methods will not only remove years of accumulated corrosion from metal constructions, they will also ensure that our specialist thermal metal spray systems are effectively applied.

    The benefits of high powered abrasive blasting

    High powered abrasive blasting utilises highly abrasive and finely configured particles that are blasted onto metal and other surfaces to either remove debris and deeply engrained corrosion or prepare the surface for other treatments. Much like “sand blasting”, the blasted particles are designed to remove the deep pitted corrosion that would be left behind using other methods of metal preparation.

    Our abrasive blasting services are ideal for a wide range of structures and they are fully mobile too. From concrete and marine vessels to refineries and offshore installations, our abrasive blasting services offer the ideal corrosion removal and surface preparation solution.

    Contact one of our expert team of engineers today on 02 4647 4001 to discuss your
    specific requirements and learn how our services can protect your structures and equipment.

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