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    Protective Coatings & More in Sydney

    Here at Cormac Contracting, we specialise in powder coating, thermal metal spraying, thermal spray training, and the sale and service of thermal spray equipment. We also provide thermal spray project supervision and consultancy services.

    Powder coating and thermal arc spray specialists

    Our business has been actively involved in providing local powder coating services and the application and development of thermal arc spray (metal spray) throughout Australasia for over 18 years. Our system is used for the prevention of corrosion to steel and steel in concrete, by the utilisation of metals such as zinc, aluminium, zinc aluminium alloys and nickel, stainless steel, Hastalloys, Monel and bronze.

    Our services include:

    • Thermal metal spray
    • Abrasive blasting
    • Ultra high pressure water jetting
    • Protective coatings
    • Cathodic protection (Thermally sprayed anode)
    • Powder coating

    About us

    We currently have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Jakarta. We are also proud to announce that Cormac now has the distributorship for THERMAX Inc., in Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia, supplying the industry with quality thermal metal spray systems, consumables and technology.

    Our team

    Our team has developed unique mobile equipment and plant for the onsite application of thermal metal spray and cathodic (electrically transferred corrosion) protection applications. We have developed over 20 high deposition thermal metal spray systems, and numerous abrasive blasting units that can be mobilised anywhere throughout Australasia.

    Our system

    Apart from corrosion prevention and cathodic protection, our system is also used for non-skid and abrasion resistance. Our project range includes everything from structural steel fabrications to dams, ships, bridges, mining, oil refineries, offshore oil, gas and drilling facilities.

    Thermal metal spraying

    Thermal metal spraying is widely recognised as one of the most superior coatings available for providing corrosion resistance along with extremely long service life. Twin wire thermal arc spraying involves the melting of 2 wires and propelling the molten or plasticised metal particles toward an abrasive blasted substrate. There, the particles instantaneously solidify to produce a dense metallic coating.

    These coatings can be applied to thicknesses of 500µm plus. Most metallic coatings provide a service life relevant to their thickness, typically meaning that the thicker the coating, the longer the service life of the object that is coated. Metallic coatings can provide a service life from 5 to 50 years plus even in the harshest of environments. The most profound advantage of metallic coatings is they require no ongoing maintenance during their projected service life, unlike that of traditional paints.

    Our thermal metal spray process is also used as an alternative to hot dip galvanising. Metal spray ‘galvanising’ does not utilise great heat or distortion, and can be selectively applied. This makes it ideal for repairs to existing hot dip galvanising, especially when applied to any thickness for greater localised protection, or masked to protect vital components.

    Training and courses

    The dedicated team here at Cormac Contracting also provides thermal spray operator and equipment maintenance training in Singapore and Australia. The courses are in-depth, and provide the trainee with the technical and practical expertise to carry out complex thermal spray applications, and as an applicator, conform to ISO 14918.

    Call the experts in powder coating and thermal metal spray systems now on 02 4647 4001.

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